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Going out in Tel Aviv

Hello out there! Photos are nice to look at, but every once in a while you might also want to have a refreshing drink, a nice bite, or just spend some time at the beach.

In case you happen to be in Tel Aviv – here are rollisan’s suggestions:



Container (Old Jaffa port) sunset drink at the bar
Casino San Remo (Nehama 2) this is Yaffa not Italy
Saloona Bar (Tirtsa 17) art bar
Little Prince (Nachalat Binyamin 18) take a break on the roof from the city buzz
Rothschild 12 (Rothschild Boulevard 12) good sounds, better illumination
Tasting Room (Eliezer Kaplan St 36) wanna try some wine?
– Har Sinai (Har Sinai St 2) hipster
Teder FM summer pop up bar
Hoodna (Abarbanel St 13) take a break!
Max Brenner Chocolate (Sderot Rothschild 45) very sweet!
Banana Beach (Herbert Samuel St. 22) arak with lemonade, edamame and feet in the sand
Cafe Sheleg (Geula St. 44) drink a tea or coffee with a view down to the sea
Pub Africa (HaRakevet 18) nice backyard in the summer
Fresh juices (HaCarmel 12) my favourite juices in town



Joz vez Loz (Gvulot Street 5 old: Yehuda Halevi 51) delicious and cozy
Falafel Gina (Menachem Begin St. 126) quick, close to the train and good
Hummus Abu Adham (Carlebach 7) try the mashausha with iced tea
Alla Rampa (Ha’amal St. 21) tasty and laid back
Hanoi (Lilienblum St. 18) delicious asian fusion
– Sabich (on Carlebach between Cinematheque and Ibn Gabriol) a little bite before the cinema
– ‘Loud Shawarma’ (on Ibn Gvirol, corner Kaplan) welcome to tel aviv
Bicicletta (Nahalat Binyamin St. 29) menu good music, food and atmosphere
Da Osvaldo (Ha-Khalutzim St. 6) the best pizza in town
– Piccola pasta (Ben Yehuda St. 53) 100+ grappa! +972-35290643
The Old Man and the Sea (Kedem St. 85) many salads and a grilled fish
Babai (Kedem St. 123) amazing seaview, but poor food at last visit (July 2015)
Hummus Abu Hassan (Dolphin St. 1) famous for the legendary Masabacha
Brasserie (Ibn Gvirol St. 70) bienvenue à Paris?!
coffeeBAR (Haruzim St. 13) Prosecco brunch
Manta Ray (Alma Beach) good fish and an excellent view
Delicatessen (Yehuda Halevi 79/81) excellent shakshuka and a nice store
Hotel Montefiore (Montefiore St. 36) cosmopolitan atmosphere
Claro;Lemata (David Elazar St. 30) stylish open kitchen
– HaTachtit Cafe (Lincoln St .9) always open; laptopfriendly
Nam Thai (Dizengoff St. 275) fresh thai-food
Suzanna (Shabazi St. 9) Biergarten
– ‘Pastaplace@RabinSquare’ (Malkhei Yisra’el St. 2-10) delicious and homemade
Pasta Basta (Allenby St. 60; also in Rehovot opposite of Weizmann Institute) a good deal for pasta
Hamit Bahon (Rabbit Akiva St. 18) “cat restaurant”
Minzar BAR (Allenby St. 60) always open
– Cevice&Beer at Shabatai’s (Yehyah Kapah St./Simtat HaCarmel) fresh cevice pop up bar at the shuk on Fridays only!
Gelateria Siciliana (Ibn Gabirol St. 63) I scream, you scream we all scram for ice cream!
Zakaim (Simtat Beit Hashoeva 20 | Allenby St. 98) veganfriendly
– Said el Abu Lafia and Sons Pita Bakery (Yefet St. 7) bagel sandwiches Yaffa
Cafe Puaa (Rabbi Yohanan St. 8) hipster family setting
Dizi (Dizengoff square) laundry and coffee (closed)
– Shishko (Har Sinai St. 2) bulgarian rugh food and vodka
Port Said (Har Sinai St. 5) pics tasty and cool
Nanuchka (Lilenblum St. 30) georgian cuisine; veganfriendly
Kasbah Café (Florentin St. 3) a worn-out house and and relaxed atmosphere
– Shraga (Yosef Karo Street 10) Montefiore neighbourhood shaksshuka and breakfast and more
Little Italy Picnic Sarona (Arania Oswaldo St. 6) picnic bags
2C (Derech Menachem Begin 132, Azrieli Center top floor) the best view over the city


Dancing and Music

Kuli Alma (Mikveh Israel 10) hip and cool
Breakfast Club + Milk Bar (Sderot Rothschild 6) electronic dance
– PASÁŽ (THE PASSAGE) (Allenby 94) mixed music
The Penguin Club (Yehuda Halevi 43) the last choice in the early morning
Deli (Allenby St. 47) entry through the backdoor
The Block (Shalma Road 157) the big one
Levontin 7 (Levontin St. 7) live music
Annaloulou Bar (Hapninim St. 2) arab israeli joint-venture
RADIO E.P.G.B (Shadal St. 7) the best sound system in town
The Zone (Harechev 13) alternative and live music
Suzanne Dellal Centre (Yehieli St. 5) modern dance performances
Tmu-na (Soncino St. 6) live perfomances
– Bursa Night Club (Tversky St. 6) pole dance



Hair Dresser

Yehuda Dabush (Yehuda Halevi St. 99)



Tel Aviv loud and cool
HaBonim cristal clear and a blue cave
Beit Yanai easy to reach and many kites
Palmachim nice but crowded


Going out in Tel Aviv by rollisan

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